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The “I haven’t blogged in a while” Post

The last few months have been complete madness and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! After a holiday rush of nearly 60 sessions and a month long backpacking trip through South America, I must admit that I am exhausted. However, there are SO many changes coming up in the next few weeks/months for Kasz Photo that I can’t contain my excitement! Keep checking back to hear the exciting news.

Things I learned from my trip to South America:

1. Alpaca and guinea pig doesn’t taste half bad! In fact, it tastes a lot like tender chicken.

2. Avoid the packs of stray dogs- they will chase you!

3. Letting go and accepting that someone might break a foot, but it won’t stop you. 😉

4. Peru loves potatoes and honking their horn… A LOT.

5. Don’t try to walk from winery to winery in Mendoza in 100 degree weather (especially if your travel mate has a broken foot). Finding the hidden Beer Garden was well worth it though!

6. Argentina has some of the best red wine and steak I have ever tasted!

7. Fireworks in Buenos Aires on NYE are unreal! One hour of consistent fireworks from every angle of the city.

8. Buenos Aires loves ice cream as much as I do. Mi querida, Buenos Aires.

9. Eight flights in a month might be overkill.

10. Disconnecting from work was key to fully immersing myself into the culture. It gave me a chance to take photos because I wanted to and it reminded me why I love my job so much.

Photos from the trip coming soon!!