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San Juan Capistrano- Juliana & Michael

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Wedding Date: March 14, 2015

It was early February 2015 and I received an inquiry about taking photos at a party taking place in March. I quickly learned that this “party” was a celebration of the union of two beautiful and genuine people. Instead of putting on a huge wedding service, they wanted to celebrate with their closest loved ones at a gorgeous San Juan Capistrano home. It was a celebration of two families with adorable children becoming one. I met with the bride, Juliana at Peets coffee in Newport Beach that same day to talk through the details. I was met with an infectious smile and instantly liked her. It doesn’t hurt that she is a fellow SMCHS eagle graduate as well and we chatted up a storm.

Later that month, we had a quick engagement photo session at Little Corona Beach in Corona Del Mar and I met her husband-to-be, Michael. The chemistry between these two was UNDENIABLE and their laughter never seemed to stop. They have the type of laugh that could fill a room and catch everyone’s attention. The infatuated way they looked at each other made capturing sentimental photos a breeze.

When March 14th came around, it was a beautiful day, and the setting for the celebration couldn’t have been more gorgeous. I enjoyed every minute of this special day. Thank you Juliana and Michael for allowing me to capture it!

Here’s a sneak peek from the engagement session and wedding. 🙂



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