Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding: Kim & Bryan

Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding: Kim & Bryan

Wedding Date: March 07, 2014

In early March I had the distinct pleasure of photographing two of the most down to earth people I know at their beautiful wedding at Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla.

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They met in July 2006, right after Kim graduated college. Kim remembers the very first time she met Bryan. She was in D.C. for the weekend with some close friends, visiting another friend who was coincidentally Bryan’s roommate. She stepped out of the airport cab only to be met with the love of her life. “He was so full of energy, friendly and over-the-top giddy to see all of us. It was so funny because his best friend Anders and the rest of the guys played it cool and were like ‘What’s up?’ But Bryan was just genuinely and authentically excited to have us there, giving us hugs and grabbing our bags. He had a charisma and positive energy that I was attracted to.” With a heart of gold, optimistic outlook on life, and beauty both inside and out, Kim easily stole Bryan’s heart.

She nestled her head into his neck as they watched the sunset disappear in the horizon. Everyone sat chatting excitedly at the tables behind them,waiting for the two newlyweds to make an appearance. Kim and Bryan stood in their own little world- calmly watching the sun say goodnight, their fingers intertwined. They were saying goodbye to the past and welcoming a new future of love and foreverness as Mr. and Mrs.

Kim and Bryan, thank you so much for allowing me to document your first day as husband and wife. The day was absolutely perfect and I could feel the love and support of your family and friends throughout the entire day and night. I wish you two a marriage filled with love, joy and happiness. Hope you enjoyed every minute of your honeymoon eating gyros and exploring beautiful Greece.